28-January-2023 - 6.54.0

The PMD team is pleased to announce PMD 6.54.0.

This is a minor release.

New and noteworthy

New report format html-report-v2.xslt

Thanks to @mohan-chinnappan-n a new PMD report format has been added which features a data table with charting functions. It uses an XSLT stylesheet to convert PMD’s XML format into HTML.

See the example report.

Fixed Issues

  • apex-bestpractices
    • #2669: [apex] UnusedLocalVariable false positive in dynamic SOQL
  • core
    • #4026: [cli] Filenames printed as absolute paths in the report despite parameter --short-names
    • #4279: [core] Can not set ruleset property value to empty
    • #4329: [core] Refactor usage of snakeyaml
    • #4340: [core] Allow to filter found matches in CPDReport
  • java
    • #4364: [java] Parsing error with textblock containing quote followed by two backslashes
  • testing
    • #4236: [test] kotest logs look broken

API Changes


  • PMD now supports a new --relativize-paths-with flag (or short -z), which replaces --short-names. It serves the same purpose: Shortening the pathnames in the reports. However, with the new flag it’s possible to explicitly define one or more pathnames that should be used as the base when creating relative paths. The old flag --short-names is deprecated.

Deprecated APIs

For removal
Internal APIs
Experimental APIs
  • CPDReport has a new method which limited mutation of a given report:
    • filterMatches creates a new CPD report with some matches removed with a given predicate based filter.

External Contributions

  • #4110: [apex] Feature/unused variable bind false positive with dynamic SOQL - Thomas Prouvot (@tprouvot)
  • #4125: [core] New report format html-report-v2.xslt to provide html with datatable and chart features - Mohan Chinnappan - (@mohan-chinnappan-n)
  • #4280: [apex] Deprecate ApexRootNode.getApexVersion - Aaron Hurst (@aaronhurst-google)
  • #4285: [java] CommentDefaultAccessModifier - add co.elastic.clients.util.VisibleForTesting as default suppressed annotation - Matthew Luckam (@mluckam)


  • 107 commits
  • 19 closed tickets & PRs
  • Days since last release: 27