Rules that are related to code documentation.
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Since: PMD 6.8.0

Priority: Medium (3)

This rule validates that:

  • ApexDoc comments are present for classes, methods, and properties that are public or global, excluding overrides and test classes (as well as the contents of test classes).
  • ApexDoc comments are present for classes, methods, and properties that are protected or private, depending on the properties reportPrivate and reportProtected.
  • ApexDoc comments should contain @description.
  • ApexDoc comments on non-void, non-constructor methods should contain @return.
  • ApexDoc comments on void or constructor methods should not contain @return.
  • ApexDoc comments on methods with parameters should contain @param for each parameter, in the same order as the method signature.

Method overrides and tests are both exempted from having ApexDoc.

This rule is defined by the following Java class: net.sourceforge.pmd.lang.apex.rule.documentation.ApexDocRule


 * @description Hello World
public class HelloWorld {
     * @description Bar
     * @return Bar
    public Object bar() { return null; }

This rule has the following properties:

Name Default Value Description Multivalued
cc_categories Style Deprecated Code Climate Categories yes. Delimiter is ‘|’.
cc_remediation_points_multiplier 1 Deprecated Code Climate Remediation Points multiplier no
cc_block_highlighting false Deprecated Code Climate Block Highlighting no
reportPrivate false Report private classes and methods no
reportProtected false Report protected methods no

Use this rule with the default properties by just referencing it:

<rule ref="category/apex/documentation.xml/ApexDoc" />

Use this rule and customize it:

<rule ref="category/apex/documentation.xml/ApexDoc">
        <property name="reportPrivate" value="false" />
        <property name="reportProtected" value="false" />