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This page describes, which infrastructure and services is used by the pmd project.


The main repository is hosted on https://github.com/pmd. We own the organization “pmd”.

  • source code in git repositories
  • releases
  • issue tracker
  • discussions
  • pull requests
  • github actions for CI

Also the main landing page (https://pmd.github.io) is hosted using github pages.


Before moving to github, sourceforge was the main place. It is still there: https://sourceforge.net/projects/pmd/.

Nowadays it is used for:

It also contains the old issue tracker.

domain, email and homepage

We are using a webhosting package by Netcup.

The following domains are registered for us:

  • pmd-code.org
  • pmd-code.io
  • pmd-code.com

The webhosting package provides these services:

  • email service (including mailbox via IMAP)
  • web pages

The homepage https://pmd-code.org redirects to https://pmd.github.io.

Some docs are hosted at https://docs.pmd-code.org/.

other services