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27-June-2020 - 6.25.0

The PMD team is pleased to announce PMD 6.25.0.

This is a minor release.

New and noteworthy

Scala cross compilation

Up until now the PMD Scala module has been compiled against scala 2.13 only by default. However, this makes it impossible to use pmd as a library in scala projects, that use scala 2.12, e.g. in sbt plugins. Therefore PMD now provides cross compiled pmd-scala modules for both versions: scala 2.12 and scala 2.13.

The new modules have new maven artifactIds. The old artifactId net.sourceforge.pmd:pmd-scala:6.25.0 is still available, but is deprecated from now on. It has been demoted to be just a delegation to the new pmd-scala_2.13 module and will be removed eventually.

The coordinates for the new modules are:



The command line version of PMD continues to use scala 2.13.

New Rules

  • The new Java Rule UnnecessaryCast (java-codestyle) finds casts that are unnecessary while accessing collection elements.

  • The new Java Rule AvoidCalendarDateCreation (java-performance) finds usages of java.util.Calendar whose purpose is just to get the current date. This can be done in a more lightweight way.

  • The new Java Rule UseIOStreamsWithApacheCommonsFileItem (java-performance) finds usage of FileItem.get() and FileItem.getString(). These two methods are problematic since they load the whole uploaded file into memory.

Modified rules

  • The Java rule UseDiamondOperator (java-codestyle) now by default finds unnecessary usages of type parameters, which are nested, involve wildcards and are used within a ternary operator. These usages are usually only unnecessary with Java8 and later, when the type inference in Java has been improved.

    In order to avoid false positives when checking Java7 only code, the rule has the new property java7Compatibility, which is disabled by default. Settings this to “true” retains the old rule behaviour.

Fixed Issues

  • apex-bestpractices
    • #2554: [apex] Exception applying rule UnusedLocalVariable on trigger
  • core
    • #971: [apex][plsql][java] Deprecate overly specific base rule classes
    • #2451: [core] Deprecate support for List attributes with XPath 2.0
    • #2599: [core] Fix XPath 2.0 Rule Chain Analyzer with Unions
    • #2483: [lang-test] Support cpd tests based on text comparison. For details see Testing your implementation in the developer documentation.
  • c#
    • #2551: [c#] CPD suppression with comments doesn’t work
  • cpp
    • #1757: [cpp] Support unicode characters
  • java
    • #2549: [java] Auxclasspath in PMD CLI does not support relative file path
  • java-codestyle
    • #2545: [java] UseDiamondOperator false negatives
    • #2573: [java] DefaultPackage: Allow package default JUnit 5 Test methods
  • java-design
    • #2563: [java] UselessOverridingMethod false negative with already public methods
    • #2570: [java] NPathComplexity should mention the expected NPath complexity
  • java-errorprone
    • #2544: [java] UseProperClassLoader can not detect the case with method call on intermediate variable
  • java-performance
    • #2591: [java] InefficientStringBuffering/AppendCharacterWithChar: Fix false negatives with concats in appends
    • #2600: [java] UseStringBufferForStringAppends: fix false negative with fields
  • scala
    • #2547: [scala] Add cross compilation for scala 2.12 and 2.13

API Changes

  • The maven module net.sourceforge.pmd:pmd-scala is deprecated. Use net.sourceforge.pmd:pmd-scala_2.13 or net.sourceforge.pmd:pmd-scala_2.12 instead.

  • Rule implementation classes are internal API and should not be used by clients directly. The rules should only be referenced via their entry in the corresponding category ruleset (e.g. <rule ref="category/java/bestpractices.xml/AbstractClassWithoutAbstractMethod" />).

    While we definitely won’t move or rename the rule classes in PMD 6.x, we might consider changes in PMD 7.0.0 and onwards.

Deprecated APIs

Internal API

Those APIs are not intended to be used by clients, and will be hidden or removed with PMD 7.0.0. You can identify them with the @InternalApi annotation. You’ll also get a deprecation warning.

For removal

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  • 31 closed tickets & PRs
  • Days since last release: 33