Class AbstractCommentRule

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      • AbstractCommentRule

        public AbstractCommentRule()
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      • tagsIndicesIn

        protected List<Integer> tagsIndicesIn​(String comments)
        This method is deprecated and will be removed with PMD 7.0.0. It is not very useful, since it doesn't extract the information in a useful way. You would still need check, which tags have been found, and with which data they might be accompanied. A more useful solution will be added around the AST node FormalComment, which contains as children JavadocElement nodes, which in turn provide access to the JavadocTag.
        Returns a list of indices of javadoc tag occurrences in the comment.

        Note: if the same tag occurs multiple times, only the last occurrence is returned.

        comments - the complete comment text
        list of indices.
      • filteredCommentIn

        protected String filteredCommentIn​(Comment comment)
      • assignCommentsToDeclarations

        protected void assignCommentsToDeclarations​(ASTCompilationUnit cUnit)