Interface GlobalAnalysisListener

    • Method Detail

      • initializer

        default ListenerInitializer initializer()
        Provides an initializer to gather analysis context before events start occurring.
        A listener initializer.
      • startFileAnalysis

        FileAnalysisListener startFileAnalysis​(TextFile file)
        Returns a file listener that will handle events occurring during the analysis of the given file. The new listener may receive events as soon as this method returns. The analysis stops when the FileAnalysisListener.close() method is called.
        file - File to be processed
        A new listener
        IllegalStateException - If close() has already been called. This prevents manipulation mistakes but is not a strong requirement.
      • close

        void close()
            throws Exception
        Notify the implementation that the analysis ended, ie all files have been processed. This listener won't be used after this is called.

        Closing listeners multiple times should have no effect.

        Specified by:
        close in interface AutoCloseable
        Exception - If an error occurs. For example, renderer listeners may throw IOException
      • onConfigError

        default void onConfigError​(Report.ConfigurationError error)
        Record a configuration error. This happens before the start of file analysis.
      • exceptionThrower

        static GlobalAnalysisListener exceptionThrower()
        A listener that throws processing errors when they occur. They are all thrown as FileAnalysisExceptions. Config errors are ignored.

        This will abort the analysis on the first error, which is usually not what you want to do, but is useful for unit tests.