Class FileAnalysisException

    • Constructor Detail

      • FileAnalysisException

        public FileAnalysisException()
      • FileAnalysisException

        public FileAnalysisException​(String message)
      • FileAnalysisException

        public FileAnalysisException​(Throwable cause)
      • FileAnalysisException

        public FileAnalysisException​(String message,
                                     Throwable cause)
    • Method Detail

      • hasFileName

        protected boolean hasFileName()
      • getFileName

        public @NonNull String getFileName()
        The name of the file in which the error occurred.
      • errorKind

        protected String errorKind()
      • positionToString

        protected String positionToString()
      • wrap

        public static FileAnalysisException wrap​(@NonNull String filename,
                                                 @NonNull String message,
                                                 @NonNull Throwable cause)
        Wraps the cause into an analysis exception. If it is itself an analysis exception, just returns it after setting the filename for context.
        filename - Filename
        message - Context message, if the cause is not a FileAnalysisException
        cause - Exception to wrap
        An exception