Interface EcmascriptNode<T extends org.mozilla.javascript.ast.AstNode>

    • Method Detail

      • childrenAccept

        Object childrenAccept​(EcmascriptParserVisitor visitor,
                              Object data)
        This method is not useful, the logic for combining children values should be present on the visitor, not the node
        Accept the visitor. *
      • getNode

        T getNode()
        The underlying Rhino node should not be used directly.
        Get the underlying Rhino AST node.
      • getJsDoc

        String getJsDoc()
        Get the JsDoc associated with the given node. If there is no JsDoc on this node, it may be associated with a parent node, on more representative of the entire expression containing this node.
        The JsDoc comment for the node, may be null.
      • hasSideEffects

        boolean hasSideEffects()