Class TextPos2d

    • Method Detail

      • getLine

        public int getLine()
        Returns the (1-based) line number.
      • getColumn

        public int getColumn()
        Returns the (1-based) column number.
      • pos2d

        public static TextPos2d pos2d​(int line,
                                      int column)
        Builds a new region from offset and length.
        AssertionError - If either parameter is negative
      • toTupleString

        public String toTupleString()
        Returns a string looking like "(line=2, column=4)".
      • toDisplayStringInEnglish

        public String toDisplayStringInEnglish()
        Returns a string looking like "line 2, column 4").
      • toDisplayStringWithColon

        public String toDisplayStringWithColon()
        Returns a string looking like "2:4").
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object