Class TextFileContent

  • public final class TextFileContent
    extends Object
    Contents of a text file.
    • Field Detail


        public static final char NORMALIZED_LINE_TERM_CHAR
        The normalized line ending as a char.
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    • Method Detail

      • getNormalizedText

        public Chars getNormalizedText()
        The text of the file, with the following normalizations:
        • Line endings are normalized to "\n". For this purpose, a line ending is either \r, \r\n or \n (CR, CRLF or LF), not the full range of unicode line endings. This is consistent with BufferedReader.readLine(), and the JLS, for example.
        • An initial byte-order mark is removed, if any.
      • getLineTerminator

        public String getLineTerminator()
        Returns the original line terminator found in the file. This is the terminator that should be used to write the file back to disk. If the original file either has mixed line terminators, or has no line terminator at all, the line terminator defaults to the platform-specific one (System.lineSeparator()).
      • getCheckSum

        public long getCheckSum()
        Returns a checksum for the contents of the file. The checksum is computed on the unnormalized bytes, so may be affected by a change line terminators. This is why two TextFileContents with the same normalized content may have different checksums.
      • fromCharSeq

        public static @NonNull TextFileContent fromCharSeq​(CharSequence text)
        Normalize the line endings of the text to "\n", returns a TextFileContent containing the original line ending. If the text does not contain any line terminators, or if it contains a mix of different terminators, falls back to the platform-specific line separator.
        text - Text content of a file
        A text file content
      • fromReader

        public static TextFileContent fromReader​(Reader reader)
                                          throws IOException
        Read the reader fully and produce a TextFileContent. This closes the reader. This takes care of buffering.
        reader - A reader
        A text file content
        IOException - If an IO exception occurs
      • fromInputStream

        public static TextFileContent fromInputStream​(InputStream inputStream,
                                                      Charset sourceEncoding)
                                               throws IOException
        Reads the contents of the input stream into a TextFileContent. This closes the input stream. This takes care of buffering.
        inputStream - Input stream
        sourceEncoding - Encoding to use to read from the data source