Interface LanguageProcessor

    • Method Detail

      • services

        @NonNull LanguageVersionHandler services()
        A collection of extension points implemented by the language.
      • launchAnalysis

        @NonNull AutoCloseable launchAnalysis​(@NonNull LanguageProcessor.AnalysisTask analysisTask)
        Launch the analysis based on the given analysis task. The analysis only has to completion after the return value has been closed, as this method may launch background threads to perform the analysis and return without blocking. In that case the returned Closeable will join the analysis threads when being closed.
        analysisTask - Configuration of the analysis
        A closeable - the analysis is only ended when the close method returns.
      • getLanguage

        @NonNull Language getLanguage()
        The language of this processor.
      • getLanguageVersion

        @NonNull LanguageVersion getLanguageVersion()
        The language version that was configured when creating this processor.