Class AbstractAntTestHelper

  • public abstract class AbstractAntTestHelper
    extends Object
    Quite an ugly classe, arguably useful for just 2 units test - nevertheless as there is a workaround that must be shared by both tests (PMD and CPD's) I felt compelled to move it to a single classes.
    Romain Pelisse <>
    • Field Detail

      • tempFolder

        public final org.junit.rules.TemporaryFolder tempFolder
      • buildRule

        public final buildRule
      • pathToTestScript

        protected String pathToTestScript
      • antTestScriptFilename

        protected String antTestScriptFilename
      • mvnWorkaround

        public String mvnWorkaround
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractAntTestHelper

        public AbstractAntTestHelper()
    • Method Detail

      • currentTempFile

        public File currentTempFile()
        Returns the current temporary file. Replaced by a fresh (inexistent) file before each test.
      • executeTarget

        public void executeTarget​(String target)
      • assertOutputContaining

        public void assertOutputContaining​(String text)
      • assertContains

        public void assertContains​(String text,
                                   String toFind)
      • assertDoesntContain

        public void assertDoesntContain​(String text,
                                        String toFind)