Contains the classes and interfaces modelling the Java AST.

Note: from 6.16.0 on, the following usages have been deprecated:

  • Manual instantiation of nodes. Constructors of node classes are deprecated and marked InternalApi. Nodes should only be obtained from the parser, which for rules, means that never need to instantiate node themselves. Those constructors will be made package private with 7.0.0.
  • Subclassing of base node classes, or usage of their type. Version 7.0.0 will bring a new set of abstractions that will be public API, but the base classes are and will stay internal. You should not couple your code to them.

    In the meantime you should use interfaces like JavaNode or Node, or the other published interfaces in this package, to refer to nodes generically.

  • Setters found in any node class or interface. Rules should consider the AST immutable. We will make those setters package private with 7.0.0.