Class ASTMethodDeclaration

    • Method Detail

      • acceptVisitor

        protected <P,​R> R acceptVisitor​(JavaVisitor<? super P,​? extends R> visitor,
                                              P data)
      • isOverridden

        public boolean isOverridden()
        Returns true if this method is overridden.
      • getOverriddenMethod

        public JMethodSig getOverriddenMethod()
        Returns the signature of the method this method overrides in a supertype. Note that this method may be implementing several methods of super-interfaces at once, in that case, an arbitrary one is returned.

        If the method has an Override annotation, but we couldn't resolve any method that is actually implemented, this will return TypeSystem.UNRESOLVED_METHOD.

      • getReportLocation

        public FileLocation getReportLocation()
      • getName

        public String getName()
        Returns the simple name of the method.
      • getAccessedRecordComponent

        public @Nullable ASTRecordComponent getAccessedRecordComponent()
        If this method declaration is an explicit record component accessor, returns the corresponding record component. Otherwise returns null.
      • isVoid

        public boolean isVoid()
        Returns true if the result type of this method is void.
      • getDefaultClause

        public @Nullable ASTDefaultValue getDefaultClause()
        Returns the default clause, if this is an annotation method declaration that features one. Otherwise returns null.
      • getResultTypeNode

        public @NonNull ASTType getResultTypeNode()
        Returns the result type node of the method. This may be a ASTVoidType.
      • getExtraDimensions

        public @Nullable ASTArrayDimensions getExtraDimensions()
        Returns the extra array dimensions that may be after the formal parameters.
      • isMainMethod

        public boolean isMainMethod()
        Returns whether this is a main method declaration.
      • acceptVisitor

        public final <P,​R> R acceptVisitor​(AstVisitor<? super P,​? extends R> visitor,
                                                 P data)
        Specified by:
        acceptVisitor in interface Node
      • addChild

        protected void addChild​( child,
                                int index)
        addChild in class AbstractJjtreeNode<,​JavaNode>
      • insertChild

        protected void insertChild​( child,
                                   int index)
        insertChild in class AbstractJjtreeNode<,​JavaNode>
      • removeChildAtIndex

        protected void removeChildAtIndex​(int childIndex)
        removeChildAtIndex in class AbstractNode<,​JavaNode>
      • setChild

        protected void setChild​( child,
                                int index)
        setChild in class AbstractNode<,​JavaNode>
      • getSymbolTable

        public @NonNull JSymbolTable getSymbolTable()
        Description copied from interface: JavaNode
        Returns the symbol table for the program point represented by this node.
        Specified by:
        getSymbolTable in interface JavaNode
      • getTypeSystem

        public TypeSystem getTypeSystem()
        Description copied from interface: JavaNode
        Returns the type system with which this node was created. This is the object responsible for representing types in the compilation unit.
        Specified by:
        getTypeSystem in interface JavaNode