Class JavaOperationSigMask

    • Constructor Detail

      • JavaOperationSigMask

        public JavaOperationSigMask()
    • Method Detail

      • coverAllRoles

        public void coverAllRoles()
        Sets the mask to cover all roles.
      • restrictRolesTo

        public void restrictRolesTo​(JavaOperationSignature.Role... roles)
        Restricts the roles covered by the mask to the parameters.
        roles - The roles to cover
      • forbid

        public void forbid​(JavaOperationSignature.Role... roles)
        Forbid all mentioned roles.
        roles - The roles to forbid
      • coverAbstract

        public void coverAbstract​(boolean coverAbstract)
        Forbid all mentioned visibilities.
        coverAbstract - The visibilities to forbid
      • coverAbstract

        public void coverAbstract()
      • forbidAbstract

        public void forbidAbstract()