Interface RelatedNodesSelector

  • @Experimental
    public interface RelatedNodesSelector
    Provides a way for the designer to highlight related nodes upon selection, eg those nodes referring to the same variable or method.

    This API only published to bind to the designer for now, it should not be used by rule code. The criterion for selecting nodes to highlight is subject to change at the implementation's discretion. In particular it's not necessarily the usages of a variable.

    The binary API is unstable until at least 7.0, meaning the only place this can be implemented safely is within PMD's own codebase.

    Clément Fournier
    • Method Detail

      • getHighlightedNodesWhenSelecting

        List<Node> getHighlightedNodesWhenSelecting​(Node node)
        Returns a list of nodes that should be highlighted when selecting the given node. This is eg the nodes that correspond to usages of a variable declared by the given node. If the node cannot be handled by this resolver or is otherwise uninteresting, then returns an empty list.
        node - A node, with no guarantee about type. Implementations should check their casts.
        A list of nodes to highlight