Class TextPadRenderer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    PropertySource, Renderer

    public class TextPadRenderer
    extends AbstractIncrementingRenderer

    A Renderer for running PMD via a TextPad 'tool'. TextPad is a text editor by Helios Software Solutions.

    Output lines are in the form:

    pathtojavafile(line#, NameOfRule):  Specific rule violation message

    For example:

    D:\java\pmd\src\src\net\sourceforge\pmd\renderers\, AtLeastOneConstructor):  Each class should declare at least one constructor
    D:\java\pmd\src\src\net\sourceforge\pmd\renderers\, VariableNamingConventionsRule):  Variables should start with a lowercase character
    D:\java\pmd\src\src\net\sourceforge\pmd\renderers\, ShortVariable):  Avoid variables with short names

    Jeff Epstein, based upon EmacsRenderer, Tuesday, September 23, 2003