Class JvmLanguagePropertyBundle

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    public class JvmLanguagePropertyBundle
    extends LanguagePropertyBundle
    Base properties class for JVM languages that use a classpath to resolve references. This contributes the "auxClasspath" property.
    Clément Fournier
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      • JvmLanguagePropertyBundle

        public JvmLanguagePropertyBundle​(Language language)
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      • setProperty

        public <T> void setProperty​(PropertyDescriptor<T> propertyDescriptor,
                                    T value)
        Description copied from interface: PropertySource
        Set the property value specified. This is also referred to as "overriding" the (default) value of a property.
        Specified by:
        setProperty in interface PropertySource
        setProperty in class AbstractPropertySource
        Type Parameters:
        T - The underlying type of the property descriptor.
        propertyDescriptor - The property descriptor.
        value - The value to set.
      • getAnalysisClassLoader

        public @NonNull ClassLoader getAnalysisClassLoader()
        Returns the classloader to use to resolve classes for this language.