Interface LanguageVersionHandler

    • Method Detail

      • getXPathHandler

        default XPathHandler getXPathHandler()
        Get the XPathHandler.
      • getProcessingStages

        default List<? extends AstProcessingStage<?>> getProcessingStages()
        Returns the list of all supported optional processing stages.
        A list of all optional processing stages.
      • declareParserTaskProperties

        default void declareParserTaskProperties​(PropertySource source)
        This is transitional
      • getParser

        Parser getParser()
        Get the Parser.
      • getRuleViolationFactory

        default RuleViolationFactory getRuleViolationFactory()
        Get the RuleViolationFactory.
      • getLanguageMetricsProvider

        default LanguageMetricsProvider getLanguageMetricsProvider()
        Returns the metrics provider for this language version, or null if it has none. Note: this is experimental, ie unstable until 7.0.0, after which it will probably be promoted to a stable API. For instance the return type will probably be changed to an Optional.