Class RuleSetFactoryCompatibility

  • @InternalApi
    public class RuleSetFactoryCompatibility
    extends Object
    Use RuleSetLoader.enableCompatibility(boolean) to enable this feature. This implementation is internal API.
    Provides a simple filter mechanism to avoid failing to parse an old ruleset, which references rules, that have either been removed from PMD already or renamed or moved to another ruleset.
    See Also:
    issue 1360
    • Constructor Detail

      • RuleSetFactoryCompatibility

        public RuleSetFactoryCompatibility()
        Creates a new instance of the compatibility filter with the built-in filters for the modified PMD rules.
    • Method Detail

      • filterRuleSetFile

        public Reader filterRuleSetFile​(InputStream stream)
                                 throws IOException
        Applies all configured filters against the given input stream. The resulting reader will contain the original ruleset modified by the filters.
        stream - the original ruleset file input stream
        a reader, from which the filtered ruleset can be read
        IOException - if the stream couldn't be read